NYGEARZ 150, Upper Universal


  • NYGEARZ Tapered, serrated beaks designed for upper arch.

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  • NYGEARZ Tapered, serrated beaks designed for upper arch.

  • NYGEARZ TITANIUM PLATES | Its grinding surfaces are made of titanium which would retain its grinding properties for a longer period. Collected Bone Chips Ready To Use For Bone Augmentation.
  • THE DESIGN | Turn the adjustment screw to move the titanium surfaces closer together depending upon your requirement of bone chip size. This will help to keep the grinding surfaces at an optimum distance from each other.
  • High-quality product with titanium grinding plates for durability.
  • EASY TO USE | To use, place the bone into the bone morselized, squeeze the instrument handle to close the housing, and turn the T-shaped knob clockwise to morselize the bone. The ground bone chips are ready to use for bone augmentation.
  • APPLICATION:| The bone Morselizer is used to grind blocks of bone into smaller particle sizes needed for grafting.
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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm


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