Intraligamental Anesthetic Syringe Gun


Dental Intraligamental Syringe Pen Style 1.8mL Straight Aspirator. Finish: Satin Finish / Precisely Aligned Superior Long -Lasting Quality.
Material: Manufactured From Premium Grade Stainless Steel. All Our Product Pictures Are Genuine & Professionally Taken.
Our Products Are Guaranteed Against Defects In Material & Workmanship. Compact and user-friendly (delicate pen-type design).
Injects the only 0.06ml per click, permitting a slow non- traumatic injection. Intimidating in appearance.
Injects the only 0.06ml per click, permitting a slow non- traumatic injection. Can be sterilised by any method (max. 200oC / 390oF) For standard dental cartridges and needles. Quality-Tested, Durable.

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Intraligamental Syringe Pen Style 1.8mL Dental Implant X1 Dental Cartridge Syringe for Intraligamental Local Anesthesia. This syringe provides safe handling for the precise setting of intraligamental anesthesia by balanced weight distribution. The provision of the piston and controllable pressure represents a very low risk for fracture cartridges. A slow and not traumatic injection is possible by an ergonomically graceful pen shape. Project Syringe 1.8ml is an unintimidating pen-style intraligamental syringe with a controlled dosage permitting a slow non-traumatic injection. Profound single-tooth anesthesia in connection with simple extractions, cavity preparations, endodontic treatments, etc. Overcomes failed conventional techniques – an efficient supplement to insufficient blocks and infiltration. Teeth in more than one quadrant can be treated at the same sitting. Gentle pain control due to a very small injection dose. No soft tissue numbness. Replacement to most palatal injections.

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Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm


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