NYGEARZ Conservative kit Instruments Set Of 20 In Pouch


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NYGEARZ Conservative kit Instruments Set Of 20 In Pouch (CIP20)

It is a set of 20 conservative instruments that are ideal to be used for various purposes like examination, restoration, manipulation of tissues, removing teeth and operating other surrounded oral regions. The Dental Instruments are made using advanced technology and keeping in mind the safety and preciseness of the various dental treatments. Dental Instruments we manufacture is made available in different sizes to suit the precise requirements of the clients.



  • 1 x ​Single End Probe EXS6XL

  • 1 x Double End Probe EXD5

  • 1 x Marking Probe POW6

  • 1 x Mirror Handle MH3

  • 1 x Tweezer DPU17

  • 1 x Cement Spatula CS4

  • 1 x Spoon Excavator EXC19H

  • 1 x Ball Burnisher BB22/23

  • 1 x Round Condensor PLG2

  • 1 x Flat Condensor PLGH3

  • 1 x Plastic Filing PF2

  • 1 x Margin Trimmer MT28H

  • 1 x Margin Trimmer MT29H

  • 1 x Enamel Hatchet CP53/54

  • 1 x Enamel Chisel CP7

  • 1 x Enamel Hoe CP24

  • 1 x Diamond Shape Carver CVFR2/3H

  • 1 x Hollenback Carver CVHL3S

  • 1 x Ward Carver CVWR1S

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm


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