NYGEARZ Dental Extraction Forceps

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  • Dental Extraction Forceps

  • EXTRACT COMFORTABLY: For years the standard for extractions in the United States. With Extraction Forceps extractions are a lot more comfortable for both the practitioner and the patient. Very experienced colleagues are also wildly enthusiastic.
  • MODERN EXTRACTION WITHOUT POWER: With the Extraction Forceps standard set you can comfortably extract M1 to M1 in the upper and lower jaw. The set consists of 4 pliers. For the second and third molars there is the molar set (if the mouth opening is large enough, you can also extract the M2 with the standard set. The set comes with 24 green bumper guards that you can sterilize about 20 times.
  • ATRAUMATIC & SIMPLE: The tissue is not damaged and there is much less chance of breaking the tooth root or surrounding bone. Regardless of the level of experience in tooth extraction or the condition of the tooth, the tooth will be removed without any problem.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR THE PATIENT: Simple, predictable extraction system that requires no force. This makes the extraction a lot more comfortable for your patient.
  • OPTIMAL & PRECISION: Made with High-Quality German Stainless Steel. Lightweight and portable. Highly polished finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance. Textured handle for extra grip. Manufactured for optimal results and precision. Rusting Prevention Procedure, Passivated, Fully Autoclave / Reusable.
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Dental Extraction Forceps

The NYGEARZ Dental Extraction Forceps are Reliable and fast.

A reliable and fast system, faster than conventional methods that work intermittently, swings, or force.

Tooth Extracting forceps are used to extract teeth in specific areas of the mouth. The beak is shaped to fit snugly around the root of the tooth, allowing for effective and efficient extraction. These forceps have serrated, ergonomically designed handles so that the maximum amount of force can be applied whilst the handles are still in a comfortable position for the oral surgeon.

Dental Extraction Forceps

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm

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7 reviews for NYGEARZ Dental Extraction Forceps

  1. nelson wood


  2. Andrey

    Good quality for this price.

  3. Forrest J.

    Overall quality is excellent, box joints are solid and smooth. Fit and finish is well done. Overall a very serviceable set of instruments

  4. Brenne

    The rubber tip keeps them from slipping in your hand. They are a great quality tool

  5. R Barton

    The tools are very well built and are more than I expected.

  6. The River Saints

    Excellent product for pulling teeth. Well made and easy to handle.

  7. Sameer James

    Excellence delivered !!! Amazing products. Really impressed by the quality in this price range.

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